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Townsend 2600 Sausage Peeler spare parts

Over 25 years of experience

We have heard from the market that the End of Live date for the 2600 sausage peeler has been determined to be February 1, 2020. This means that the original supplier of the product, Townsend, no longer supports the product. That is a pity; it is a great machine and there are still many users of the 2600 model sausage peeler.
However, don’t worry JIM International trading B.V. can help you to get the needed parts.

Production delays are always expensive, and downtime is lost time forever.
Previous experience has dictated that the following spare parts should be on hand at your plant to maintain minimum downtime for your 2600 sausage peeler.

Townsend 2600 Peeler wearing parts are:

1. Peeling blades Part #25155:

2. Shoe: #22523 or 22523: 1 shoe/1-3 months

3. O-Ring (Steam tube) #13607-032 or 13607-330: 2 O-ring/3 months

4. Idler Bushings #23469: 4 bushings/ 3 months

Feel free to contact us at info@jiminternationaltrading.nl and we will present you with the most optimal solutions and value for you.