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Ranger Appolo sausage peeler spare parts

Over 25 years of experience

Ranger Tools, the original supplier for sausagepeeler is no longer in business but JIM International Trading BV can help you maintain these machines.

Production delays are always expensive, and downtime is lost time forever. Previous experience has dictated that the following spare parts should be on hand at your plant to maintain minimum downtime for your Ranger Apollo sausage peeler.

Part number: QTY: Description:

AD-94 1 V-Belt

AD-95 1 V-Belt

AH-17 RC 2 Oil seal (Rubber coat)

AH-37SS5 1 Vacuum wheel 5 rows or AH-37SS4 1 Vacuum wheel 4 rows

AH-45 1 Pressure Shoe (solid)
AS-55 2 Pressure Rollers aluminium including bushing

AS-67 1 Spring & Chain

AS-73 1 Screw, socket flat

AV-109 1 Vacuum Door Gasket

3323DS 100 Pkg. Blade stainless

Jim international trading maintains a good parts inventory and can speedily process your Ranger Apollo parts needs.
Feel free to contact us at info@jiminternationaltrading.nl and we will present you with the most optimal solutions and value for you.