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Sausage Peeler

Over 25 years of experience

J.I.M. Sausage Peeler

Introducing the next generation Sausage Peelers.

J.I.M. International Trading is proud to announce our most efficient sausage peeler yet. We have designed a new peeler that is fast and cost efficient at the same time. We can supply all the spare parts for our J.I.M. Sausage Peeler in co-operation with local partners.

Technical information
Sausage Peeler

J.I.M. Sausage Peeler

Medium speed, automatic sausage peeler

- Material made of high quality plastic& stainless steel
- Works without steam
- Easy to use
- No fixed location
- Individual product adaptation from caliber 12 to 40 from 4cm length
- Integrated extraction - Waste containers
- Easy disassembly for cleaning without tools
- Up to 900 kg/h product flow (depending on the product)
- 750 L / min air consumption at 7 barpressure
- 50Hz: 2.2kW 230Δ / 400Y 3 phase
- 60Hz: 2.55kW 265Δ / 460Y 3 phase
- 1800 rpm engine speed
- 1240x750x1245mm total size (lengthxwidthxheight)

J.I.M. Sausage Peeler

Low capacity, manual sausage peeler

- Material made of high quality plastic
- Small Parts made of Stainless Steel
- Easy disassembly for cleaning
- Easy to use- Fast and rational way of working
- Suitable for cal. 16 - 34
- Required compressed air connection of 5 bar


Our sausage peeler is easy to use and can be adapted to your operational standards.


We can offer the parts for the sausage peeler as well.

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Our team of experts will always try to respond within 24 hours.

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We co-operate with global and local partners to offer you the best service.