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Peeler blades to peel Hotdogs, Franks, Veggie and Jumbos sausages

Over 25 years of experience

Are you looking for peeler blades to peel hotdogs, Franks, Veggie and Jumbos?
We offer peeler blades smooth assembly non serrated (9725155).
They are packed per 20 pieces in Blizzard pack.

Also for Hitec Sausage Peeler we have blade 43546.
Are you looking for peeler blade 43546 (standard) for your Hitec Sabre sausage peeler?

In our range of sausage peeler blades we also have blades for Cato sausage peelers and Schälomat sausage peelers.

Feel free to contact us at info@jiminternationaltrading.nl and we will present you with the most optimal solutions and value for you.